Send by Marie. This is what it looked like in Akron the morning of the ride. Luckily it was a "little" clearer north of there.

Today’s ride was, well uhhh…  interesting.  Mother Nature was again unforgiving.  At the start we had 17 riders to show up with 14 starters.  I received calls from Elyria and Akron saying that it was snowing in those places and questions about if we were riding or not.  I thought we would only have cloudy skies on our route and told them that we were going.  Of course, not being a professional weatherman (only an amateur one), I was WRONG.   There was a light drizzle and thought we should at least start and see how it goes.  Everyone in the group made remarks about how we’ve seen worse and had a good attitude about what we were about to do.

 By the time we made it to the first check point (17 miles), we were wet and discouraged.  Most of wetness came from the spray from the tires in front of us.  The group split up and 6 of us continued.  As we were leaving it started to look as if the temperature was dropping instead of rising.  When we took off towards the second check point it was pretty cold but felt warmer as we started to work.  Then it started to snow.  After a while there was slush on the roads in places where the cars tracks weren’t.  It was no big deal for us except that we couldn’t see very well.  After a while it stopped snowing and we finally reach Oberlin.  As we sat down to eat there was steady snowfall and we decided either way snow or rain, that we’d try for 100 miles again the tomorrow.  We were just too soaked to go on.  There was no wind which was good but we’d hope for some wind to push us back home.  As a matter of fact we had some wind in our faces on the way home but overall it was a rewarding ride.  Well, let’s see what tomorrow (Sunday) holds.

 14 Riders included:

 Andy Provenza      Greg Priddy

Ann Raffis              Jim Boland

Marie Rote             Joe Ochmanski

Mark Scheeff         Randy Hamilton

Mark Thomas        Steve Doutt

Dave Fryes             Susan Gould

Eric Overton          Tim Hamilton

Temperature:                     32-35 deg.  with some rain and snow

Riders:                                  14        

Max. Miles:                         53                 

Close Calls:                         0

Mishaps:                              0

Mechanical Failures:      0


No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer.” 


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