Here is a brief ride report.  I will post more details later. 

We met Bill on the road and we never did run into Dan and Tina but they were out there looking for us.   At least 11 of the riders got in a February century!  Tony rode his very first century today which is a remarkable feat to have done it in February in his second year on the road.      

By the way, thank you guys for tolerating my pre-ride speech (that I hate making) and thanks for helping to make this day a good day.  Without you these accomplishments  wouldn’t be happening.

Today, we had a total of 19 riders including the following:

Bill Flecher (fixed gear)         Jim Boland              

Ellen Alaimo                              Mike Hritz               

Dan Maddox                              Susan Gould           

Jerry Golinski                           Tina Maddox                      

With 11 riders getting in a February century:

Andy Provenza         Marie Rote              

Bryan Reyes              Mark Thomas                    

Colin Keane               Tim Carroll  (fixed gear)   

Jeff Kompa                Tom Driscoll                      

John Clay                   Tony Kascak                       

Eric Overton                       

Temperature:                       29-40 deg.   (wind speed: 8-14 mph)

Riders:                                     19     

Max. Miles:                            105+ miles

Close Calls:                             0

Mishaps:                                 0

Mechanical Failures:           1 pinch flat

Newcomers:                            0

  —No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer.”

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