Today’s ride was pretty tough.  We had heavy winds for almost 5 hours.  We also had bouts of light frozen stuff hitting our faces.  We didn’t get any relief until we’d reached the 72 mile mark.  The riders in our group really worked together well today, helping the group survive this difficult day.

We did have one slightly embarrassing moment, however.  When we stopped at the Slow Train Café in Oberlin where, apparently, all the cool intellectuals hang out, we observed Andy across the room striking a pro pose for the co-eds.  We noticed that they were taking notice at this pro look-a-like, glasses on top of helmet, donning a Castelli (pro like jersey), eating a snack, and playing the role like pros do.   Just then, the whole scenario was ruined when he whipped out an old man’s drink!  A bottle of Ensure!  All the co-eds returned their attention back to their I-Pads and conversations and he’d ruined the moment for all of us old geezers.  Needless to say, we made haste and returned to the road.

Today we had a total of 11 starters and one new rider not starting because of forgotten helmet.  The riders included:

Andy Provenza Joe Ochmanski
Bryan Reyes Mark Thomas
Dave Anthony Mike Hritz
Eric Overton Randy Hamilton
Mark Scheeff Tom Driscoll
Jim Boland  

Temperature:                       32- ~38 deg.   (wind speed: 18-39 mph with 45  mph gusts)

Riders:                                     11     

Max. Miles:                            103 miles

Close Calls:                            0

Mishaps:                                 0

Mechanical Failures:            0

Newcomers:                           1

  —No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer.”


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