Ok.  Let’s see.  Yeah, well I was really looking forward to sleeping in and then lounging around and watching the weather channel all morning instead of riding something tells me that this is not a proven training technique for improved cycling performance.  Anyway, that dream was deferred when the first cyclist started showing up. 

Saturday was one of those days where the temperature was going to change by almost 20 degrees.  This is normally hard to dress for but with mid 20’s at the start there was no mystery around how much to wear at the start.   

Anyway, a total of 22 riders started which is the peak number for this season.  I was surprised because it wasn’t exactly ideal weather.  In addition to the cold it was WINDY!

The participating riders included: 

Ann Raffis Mike Hritz
Becky Seitzinger Mike Roach
Bryan Reyes Randy Hamilton
Dan Maddox Russ Marx
Ellen Alaimo Steve Doutt
Eric Overton Susan Gould
James Grady Tim Hamilton  
Jeff Kompa Tina Maddox  
Jerry Golinski Tom Driscoll  
Joe Ochmanski Tony Kascak  
Mark Scheeff  
Mark Thomas  

Most riders got in 110 miles because of a wrong turn (my mistake).  Joe O. and Mike Hritz overachieved with a total of 119 and 124 miles respectively.  Ellen was threatened several times with penalties that could have resulting in 0.0 miles if she didn’t make it back to the driveway (where the ride starts) or ended up with 99.99 miles instead of at least 100.0 miles.  Anyway, everyone seemed to have taken the penalty threat seriously because 18 riders completed the century.  I imagine that some wished that they had stayed on the couch because of the long grind from Creston to Wooster.  There was an 11 mile stretch of open rode with all the things you really didn’t need.  That is, a constant grind upwards with rollers, as well as heavy winds blowing right into the face.   All in all, it was a very good day as the rewards came when the tail winds blew us home for the last 50 miles.


Sue and a car almost touched bumpers.  The car was turning and being blinded by the sunlight didn’t see her on the turn.

Miscommunication at one of the missed turns caused a collision and Ann went down with very minor scrapes and no scrapes to the bike.  Luckily we were going pretty slow.

I’m borrowing this idea from Sun Tzu and applying it to our group.

Regard your fellow riders as your family, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys and the steepest climbs; look on them as your own beloved ones, and they will stand by you during difficult moments.

Riders:    22
Max. Miles 110-124 miles
Temperature 25-45 degrees (windy)
Close Calls 1
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 1
Newcomers 0

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