Sunday’s route was identical to Saturday’s except that we only had 1 bonus mile.  Weather-wise, it was another day where the temperature would change by close to 20 degrees.  However, this day was really hard to dress for because there were so many layers that needed to be discarded as the temperatures climbed into the mid 60’s.  I would imagine that most riders were sweating as soon as we started.  It’s so hard to figure it out unless you don’t mind being cold for about ½ hours.  I always forget what to wear when the temp is going range from 45-65 so I dress warmer than needed so I’d have every condition covered.

When the two groups parted ways in Creston, 6 riders headed south and uphill towards Wooster.  It wasn’t as windy but it was a struggle to drag my aching legs up that 11 mile stretch.  After a while it got easier for me and the group started picking up the pace riding in echelon with two of us in tow.   Leaving Wooster the real fun started.  I think we must have been going 23-25 mph from there to Valley City with periods of relaxed pace.  It was big fun, at least when the legs weren’t aching.  I think everyone was getting a good workout in.   Overall, it was a very good day on the warmest day of the year.

The participating riders included:

Bill Flecher Joe Ochmanski
Christa Myers Joe Huth
Dave Anthony Kim Dreher
Eric Overton Manuel Grosso
Greg Priddy Marie Rote
Jeff Kompa Mike Hritz
  Paul Silla
Jim Boland Steve Doutt
Jim Laing Tim Carroll

Including a rider getting a two century weekend:   Eric Overton


1.  At the start, Marie had some trouble with her cleat and moments later she had seat post trouble.

2.  I almost had to write a report on Manny and he accused me of looking for a story for the website.

I’m borrowing this idea from Sun Tzu and applying it to our group. 

Regard your fellow riders as your family, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys and the steepest climbs; look on them as your own beloved ones, and they will stand by you during difficult moments.” 





Max. Miles

105 miles




47-66 degrees



Close Calls




Mechanical Failures











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