Saturday’s ride was pretty nice.  It was the warmest day of the year and it felt so good to not have to wear 10 pounds of clothing.  The ride was scheduled to be a short one (50 miles) because of not wanting to be on the roads all day long on St. Patrick’s Day.  The route we took ended up being pretty quiet, traffic-wise, until we got back to the start where the picnic areas were pretty full.  There were no incidences with the drivers but one of our riders (Nancy) encountered 4 intoxicated partiers in the middle of the street at 8:30 am!  They were slow to move out of her way, yelling that Lance (Lancy) Armstrong was about to run them over! 

We had a record number of riders (24) for this season to show up.  Half the riders rode to the start from their homes.  A handful came from close by and about 6 came from quite a few miles away, giving them about 70-80 miles for the day.  One rider, Tom Driscoll, rode from Mentor which would make his total distance in the neighborhood of 120 miles!


On Sunday, thankfully, only two riders showed up.  I was not prepared to ride so I was grateful that Jeff and Nancy decided to ride to the start of the Lake Erie Wheeler’s club ride since no one else showed up.  The day looked so nice I decided to take a drive in the park but ended up driving to Hinckley Park where the club ride was going.  They were going to see the Buzzards roosting.  I was there for moral support and to possibly SAG in case the thunderstorms came in.  It ended up being a very good day to ride with no rain.

The riders who participated included:

Becky Seitzinger Jim Boland Nancy Desmond
Chris Karpowicz Joe Ochmanski Paul Silla
Christa Myers John Clay Russ Marx
Dave Fryes Kim Dreher Steve Doutt
Ellen Alaimo Manuel Grosso Susan Gould
Eric Overton Mark Scheeff Tom Driscoll
Gary Burkholder Mark Thomas Tony Kascak
Jeff Kompa Mike Hritz Wayne Kuznar


1.      Mark Scheeff dropped his chain on a climb out of Peninsula.

2.     Kim’s derailleur failed due to cable wire fraying while climbing up Snowville Rd.

Riders:    24
Max. Miles 120 miles
Temperature 60-77 degrees
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 2
Mishaps 0
Newcomers 3

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