Let’s see.  At the start of the ride it looked like there were quite a few riders who stayed home to watch the weather channel.  We still had a nice turnout of 18 riders.   Several riders rode to the start and one rider (Sabastian) rode from Canton. He almost made it to the start but we picked him up about 4 miles out from the start.  We also picked up a few more riders on the route.  The weather was good all day.  Not one drop of rain.  The route had a little surprise in that normally the last 25 miles to Kent is normally a breeze.  But with the route we took from Akron to Kent you would have thought that Kent was on a mountain top, especially if you had tired legs. 

Participating riders include the following (with March century riders in bold):


Andy Provenza Jim Boland Randy Hamilton
Becky Seitzinger Joe Ochmanski Russ Marx
Christa Myers John Clay Sabastian Birch
Dave Fryes Marie Rote Susan Gould
Ellen Alaimo Mark Thomas Tim Fitzgerald
Eric Overton Mike Hritz Tim Hamilton


Riders:    18
Max. Miles 101 miles with Sabastian getting 130 miles
Temperature 60-68 degrees
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 2 (Joe O., two flats)
Mishaps 0
Newcomers 2


We covered the same route and picked up a couple of riders on the route, with one rider (James) riding from Shaker Heights.  Again the weather was ok.  We had fog in the morning and it was so dense that the glasses were covered with water and exposed skin felt as though it was covered with sweat.  The temperature was right on that borderline where you wanted to shed your sleeves but if you did you’d want to put them back on.  Overall, it was a very good day.  We didn’t get any rain even though it was pretty cloudy all day with the exception of a few minute spells of sun.  Of course, after we finished the sun came out and stayed until dusk.

On both days we ran into Cassie Schumacher who is training for RAAM solo.

Participating riders include the following (with March century riders in bold):

Ann Raffis Kim Dreher
Bryan Reyes Larry Smith
Eric Overton Mark Papajcik
James Grady Mike Hritz
Joe Ochmanski Mark Thomas

Double century weekend riders included: 

Eric Overton
Mark Thomas
Riders:    11
Max. Miles 101 miles (with James getting 110 miles)
Temperature 48-55 degrees
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 1 (Larry dropped a chain)
Mishaps 0
Newcomers 2

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