On Saturday the weather looked like it was going to be one of those days where I would get to sleep I but when I saw Brian, who’d driven 70 miles from Fremont we thought, “Oh well, it will be the two of us on the road”.  The clouds just looked like they were getting ready to drop within the hour. 

After about another 5 minutes people started showing up.  There were about 11 people who rode from home; some to the start and some met us on the road.  Tom and Greg rode to the start all the way from Mentor and Ann rode from Shaker Hts. to meet us on the route, putting to total number of riders at 25.  Even though one of the rules is no whining it was funny to hear everyone whining about the weather.   Speaking of rules.  There was once face that I recognized at the start who came from Cincinnati to ride with us last year.  That was George (who now lives in Columbus).  As soon as I saw him I instituted a new rule for him.  I said, “George!  Another rule.  No talking!”  He told me something like, “his bike wouldn’t even move without him talking.”  So much for rules.

The route was a really pretty one but would have been even prettier if the thermometer wouldn’t have been so lazy.  It didn’t seem to move at all.  The temperature never did feel any more comfortable than the start temperature.  Still, all in all, it was a very good day to be on the road.   There are many more details that I have to leave out, like who all got their March centuries.  A few people wanted to make sure that I put their names in bold because they were able to get a March century on the very last day of the month. 

Riders included (with century riders in bold): 


Ann Raffis Jeff Kompa Mark Scheeff
Becky Seitzinger Jerry Golinski Mark Thomas
Bryan Reyes Joe Ochmanski Russ Marx
Dan Maddox John Clay Steve Doutt
Dave Fryes Kim Dreher Susan Gould
Ellen Alaimo Larry Smith Tim Hamilton
Eric Overton Manuel Grosso Tina Maddox
George Marketo Mark Papajcik Tom Driscoll
Greg Priddy    



Max. Miles

102 – ~114


38-43 degrees

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures


Sue had a flat tire 

Greg-broke chain and had to walk to the bike shop and then return to Mentor solo

Ann dropped a chain 



Larry went into the ditch to avoid more serious mishap.  No injuries to body or bike




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