By the way, we have a record number of riders to participate to date.  51 riders participated so far this year.  That’s a new high since this series started about 8 years ago.  The previous high was 47 set last year. 


We had 15 riders today, including Tom Driscoll and Emily Ponti who rode from Mentor to meet us on the road.  I think that they were the only two to get in 100 plus miles because the group had lost momentum by the time we got to the first rest stop.  I assure you that it had a lot to do with the weather.  My legs felt heavy and rubbery from the 100 mile ride the day before.  I’m sure that the other riders who’d ridden on Saturday felt the same.  With the weather being on the borderline of “so-so” and “not bad but looking like rain”, took a lot of the motivation away.  This route is really nice on a nice sunny day.

On the way back I saw Dan and Tina, who joined us on Saturday as we passed through Brecksville.

Riders included the following with century riders in bold:

Ann Raffis Jim Laing
Bill Flecher Joe Huth
Bryan Sharp Joe Ochmanski
Christa Myers Marie Rote
Dave Anthony Mark Papajcik
Emily Ponti Mark Thomas
Eric Overton Mike Hritz
Jim Boland Tom Driscoll

Double century weekend riders included: 

Tom Driscoll


Riders:    16
Max. Miles 72 – 100+
Temperature 42-60 degrees
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 0
Newcomers 1



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