Records were broken on Saturday.  We had a record turnout of 32 riders and it put the total number of participants so far this season at a new high of 56 riders.  We also had record number of new riders in one day (5 new riders).

Saturday was hard to dress for because it felt a little chilly at the start with 41 degrees and never really reached a comfortable temperature.  It was considerably cooler for riders who started at 8:30 and those riders who rode from home.  One rider, Sabastian, rode to Canton and intercepted us on the route. 

We had 3 riders who drove from Mentor who sometimes ride to the start and had 2 riders to drive from as far away as Fremont.

Riders included:

Ann Raffis Jim Boland Nancy Desmond
Bryan Reyes Joe Ochmanski Neall Distad
Bryan Sharp John Clay Paul Silla
Colin Keane Kim Dreher Russ Marx
Colin Sheppard Manuel Grosso Randy Hamilton
Dave Anthony Mark Papajcik Sabastian Birch
Ellen Alaimo Mark Scheeff Scott Lang
Eric Overton Mark Switzer Steve Doutt
Greg Priddy Mark Thomas Susan Gould
Jeff Kompa Mike Hritz Tom Driscoll
Jerry Golinski Mike Vega  



32 riders

Maximum Miles

110-120 miles


41-58 degrees

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures

4 (2 flat tires and 2 dropped chains)





Close Calls

I heard about two close calls.   One involved a truck that almost ran an oncoming car off the road as it rushed to get around cyclists.  I can never understand that type of behavior. 

There as an incident where a young driver was backing out of the driveway while texting on the cell phone.  It almost went out into the path of the cyclists.

I almost forgot to mention another close call (of sorts).  As I was approaching Lodi on the return home I tried to wave a car pass and before I knew it the car was right beside me and I could hear what I thought was teenagers yelling, (what I always try to imagine when I hear people yelling) “Go Lance!”  When I finally looked over to say thanks but I’m no Lance, I realized that it was Dan and Tina!  They were on the way back from the College of Wooster and wanted to say “hi” to the cyclists.


An elderly driver while trying to pass a cyclist (Neil) on a hill, panicked when an oncoming car was coming and moved over, pushed the cyclist off the road.  He landed in the ditch but there was no harm to his body or bike.  The driver stopped and apologized and I think she hugged him.  Luckily both were going slow and that there were injuries.


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