On Sunday all I’d planned to do that morning was to pick up the Sunday newspaper from the driveway.  But when I went to that I found Tim Carroll, who’d ridden to the start from Cleveland Heights, sitting on the stoop.  We had good conversation while I drank coffee and wished that I’d been prepared to ride.  That day promised 78 degree weather and no rain although it looked like there was going to be some rain during the 9 o’clock hour.  Anyway, as 9 o’clock approached there was hardly any one showing up for one of the nicest weather days so far.   Joe O. also rode from the start and was wondering where everyone was when he showed up. 

I’m glad that they didn’t give me too much of a hard time for faking an illness and not riding.  I felt bad enough.

7 riders included:

Bryan Sharp
Greg Priddy
Jeff Kompa
Joe Ochmanski
Mark Thomas
Nancy Desmond
Tim Carroll




Max. Miles

100+   (Not sure how many miles Tim Carroll and Joe O. got by riding to the start.


62-80 degrees

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures







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