This was another day where I was hoping that no one would show, especially since the weather forecast predicted that Sunday would be the better of the two days.  When I saw one rider who’d driven from Fremont and two others who’d driven from Mentor I thought that if I hadn’t “faked” an illness last week I would at least faked one until around noon.  Twelve riders did indeed show up as if there weren’t those menacing clouds lurking in the background.   It was another one of those days where it was going to be hard to dress for.  The thermometer was going to barely move and the air was really damp.  Even when it wasn’t drizzling it felt like it was raining.  The glasses were covered with drops of water at one point.  We did get a little drizzle here and there but nothing major.  Even so, it was a day for a rain jacket just to keep warm and dry.  To add to the misery were cold winds coming from the NNE.  That meant that it was going to be a long day as we were headed west and we would have no help from the winds getting back home.  The sad thing was when we got near the half way point at New London the thermometer had dipped to 37 degrees, colder than the start temperature.   Anyway, we all survived and 11 riders made it past the century mark.

One rider, Emily did the ride with a BOB trailer in tow.  That was an impressing (yet crazy) feat to witness. 

Riders included:

Andy Provenza Mark Scheeff
Bryan Reyes Mark Thomas
Dave Fryes Mike Hritz
Emily Ponti Steve Doutt
Eric Overton Tom Driscoll
Marie Rote Tony Kascak




Max. Miles

114-117 miles


37-43 degrees with 11-16 mph winds and 29 mph gusts

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures






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