One word to describe this day borders on miserable.  The forecast called from no rain and clear skies.  About 5 miles into the start it started to feel like rain.  You could hear the group repeating, “No rain” as we tried to get our minds off of the heavy clouds to the west and the precipitation that was indeed hitting our jackets.  Later in the day there were numerous threats regarding sending “nasty grams” to the weather forecasters.  It drizzled throughout the day and we knew that we’d never see the sun or 50 degree temperatures that they predicted and we were in the first hour on the road.  As we were leaving New London riding  into the cold north winds at about 15-17 mph I was thinking that there would be no shame in going right back to the Subway Shop to warm up and then reversing the route from there.  Besides, I’d still get a century since we were at the 50 mile mark.  It was probably the coldest I’ve felt this year because we weren’t dressed for those temperatures and wind-chill factor and my inner layers were wet from sweat and the outer layers were wet from rain.  At that point it should have been close to 50 degrees and sunny but it was closer to 40, very windy, and wet.  After we generated some heat it started to feel better.  I thought to myself, “This is what we came for, i.e.,   to suffer.”   Then I thought, but I didn’t sign up for this particular type of sufferation (is that even a word?).”  At that leg of the ride, everyone was too uncomfortable to whine, we were all over the road in an echelon, trying to stay out of the wind and everyone was quiet, focusing hard to survive the distance.   All and all, it was a good training day. 

Ann and Greg added to their misery by making a wrong turn and ending up with 120 miles.  (They forced me to mention this fact).

Riders included:


Andy Provenza Jerry Golinski
Ann Raffis Joe Ochmanski
Dave Fryes Manuel Grosso
Eric Overton Mark Thomas
Jeff Kompa Mike Hritz
Greg Priddy Nancy Desmond

Four riders getting a double century weekend included:

Andy Provenza
Dave Fryes
Eric Overton
Mark Thomas




Max. Miles

114-~130 miles.  Joe and Mike rode from home giving them extra miles


40-45 degrees with 11-21 mph winds with 29 mph gusts

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures







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