Today was a pleasant day.  It wasn’t a day to wear shorts in the morning although a few people did but it wasn’t an uncomfortable day, weather-wise.  The skies were clear and the sun was bright.  The route was a pretty good route also.  Overall, it was a very good day and a pretty good ride for the last weekend before Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge.

Riders included:

Andy Provenza Fran Kennedy John Clay Mike Hritz
Bryan Sharp Eric Overton John Hurt Paul Silla
Chris Karpowicz Greg Priddy Kim Dreher Susan Gould
Colin Keane Jeff Kompa Manny Grosso Tom Driscoll
Dave Anthony Jerry Golinski Marie Rote Tony Kascak
Dave Fryes Jim Boland Mark Scheeff Wayne Kuznar
Ellen Alaimo Joe Ochmanski Mark Thomas  

Riders getting a double century weekend included:

Andy Provenza




Max. Miles

109-114 miles


40-58 degrees with full sun

Close Calls


Mechanical Failures



1 Crash.  (Manny overlapped a wheel and had a fall.  It was on an incline so luckily he wasn’t moving too fast.  Minor injuries to body and no injuries to the bike.



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