This point also marks the end of the Sunday rides in the series so rides from this point to the end of the series (mid June) will be held on Saturdays only.  I want to encourage riders to support their favorite clubs for Sunday rides.  Some of us will still be doing long rides on Sundays as we train for the National 24 Hour Challenge and other events.  If you want to continue to ride on Sundays feel free to show up as usual and I will support the rides even though I may not be riding that early or at all.  I will provide cue sheets and facilities.

I want to take this moment to thank the LDCC riders (a record of 58 riders) who have been supporting this year’s series.  Your support allowed us to do some things that we could not have done solo.  You encouraged us to roll out of bed instead of rolling over to face some pretty harsh conditions and you kept us motivated.  I also want to thank you in behalf of the 24 riders who will be doing Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge.   Your support has helped to keep us in shape, ride record, miles, record numbers of centuries, and have motivated 5 riders to step up to do Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge for the first time. 

I do not want to thank you for all the abuse that you gave the organizer, however.  😉

See you on the next ride.


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