On one of the best Saturday’s (weather-wise) of the year we had a surprisingly low turnout with only 5 riders completing the ride.  At any rate, it was a good ride.  The first half of the ride had millions or rollers with lots of traffic but the traffic wasn’t too stressful and there was plenty of room for everyone.  During the first 50 miles we had to stay very focused because of the traffic.  Good technical training anyway.  Overall, a good day.

While in Wooster at our halfway mark, some cyclist came in.  I heard someone call my name and I said, “Hey Rick”.  You are Rick aren’t you?”  Over the years, Rick Kordenbrock and I have ridden in the same group on either Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge and the National 24 Hour Challenge for the past 12 years and a couple of weeks ago rode about 150 miles with him but when I saw him in Wooster it didn’t make sense at first.  He’s from Cincinatti.  They were on a 400k Brevet that started in Ashland and they were at their half way mark at about 125 miles.  We ended up riding with them for a few miles through the Killbuck Valley until they had to turn off.  It was a fun experience.

Riders included:

Bryan Sharp Mark Scheeff
Colin Keane Mark Thomas
Eric Overton Steve Doutt
Jeff Kompa Susan Gould
Joe Ochmanski Tony Kascak
John Clay 1 Unknown Rider
Kim Dreher  




Max. Miles

104 miles


70-84 degrees with full sun

Close Calls

1 (Sue and a car played chicken)

Mechanical Failures

Several flats (not sure who)





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