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I first want to say, “Thanks for making this series a spectacular one.”  It was amazing to see so many people come out in some of the worse conditions to ride with us.  It was a lot of fun and very inspiring to see the progress and the bravery of the riders.  I, for one, would have never rolled out of my bed on many of these days if it wasn’t for you all showing up and disturbing my rest.  Thanks again for helping myself and others train on days when we could not and would not have without the motivation that comes from the group effort.

Over the past years we would have had a final long distance ride to bring closure to the Long Distance Prep Rides Series but because of scheduling conflicts, etc. we will be foregoing a final ride.  So this is the final report for the series.  Hopefully, everyone is too busy enjoying club rides, tours, races and so forth anyway. 

This is has been a record-breaking season in many ways.   After 8-9 years that this series has been going on we’ve broken a lot of records. 

Earliest Start

This was the earliest that we’ve started.  We started on January 29th which was the first time we were able to start in January.  Before that the earliest we’ve started was in the 3rd week of February.  The official start date used to be in March (and April) but due to the fact that we have gotten better at cold weather riding and the temperatures we were able to get a much better start.  Because of the milder winter and lack of snow we didn’t have issues with snow being piled up on the edge of the road, giving us less room to ride on.   This year we rode for 24 weeks, breaking the previous record of 21 weeks.

Harshest Weather Conditions

We broke records for the riding in the worse conditions (for this series).  Several days we have serious wind chill factors and on a handful of occasions we ran into snow.  On one ride, we got caught in white-out conditions at about 55 miles into the ride and 45 miles away from home.   We were on the verge of getting the first ever January century.  The roads were almost completely covered with drifts and we had to ride to the next stop where our SAG would meet us.  That certainly broke a record.  We had one ride where the temperatures were so brutal we deliberately rode about 5 miles in the opposite from home just to warm up.  Then we chose a hillier route to avoid the heavy winds that were blowing across the open fields.  There was one ride where the temperatures only rose only 1 degree and we all ended up underdressed, leaving New London.  We did manage to get a record number of February and March centuries, however.

Largest Participation

This year we had a record number of riders to join us for the first time.  We had a total of 62 riders to participate, (up from 45 riders).

Largest Turnout for a Ride

 We had a record turnout in a single ride.  32 riders!

Longest Drive Distance

This year we had riders to drive regularly from Fremont, Mentor, Canton, and Akron.  Also, one rider came to town from Columbus to ride with us.

 Number of Century Rides

We had the largest number of century rides from this series.   20 Centuries

Check out the “Riders Log” page on the website for more details.

I hope you’re having a great season.


Eric Overton


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