What a day for our first ride!  Normally we would have had several rides in by now but Mother Nature had other ideas.  We had 17 riders to start and broke three records: 

1)    We had the largest turnout for a first ride

2)    4 new riders join us on the first ride

3)    We rode the last 50 miles non-stop (I think everyone was just eager to be done with the ride)

This was a good day, overall, in that we had clear roads and decent temperatures.  We also accomplish something that we hadn’t had a chance to do in a couple of years.  We had riders (7 total) to get in 100 miles for the first ride of the series.  One group of riders turned around at second rest stop to get 56 miles and another group turned around at the third rest stop to get 76 miles.

Weather Conditions

It was one of those days where it was hard to figure out how to dress because the temperature at the start was around 29 degrees and then 20 degrees warmer at the peak of the day.  For me it was hard to decide on what to wear. We had to dress for the temperature fluctuation and I couldn’t remember what I should wear since it has been about a year since I rode in those conditions.  I had a few new pieces of clothing so putting together the combination of layers would be trickier. The winds were 13-25 mph with gusts coming out of the SSE. The winds made for a tough ride.  Normally, on this route we would be getting a tailwind ride home but because of the wind direction the latter part of the ride was more challenging than normal.  Because the temperature dropped considerably later in the ride it made us happy that we dressed for 29 degrees. 

It was the first time in a long time that we didn’t have to suffer greatly because of the weather conditions early in the season.  I don’t think any one of us would have been covering those distances solo, however.  That says a lot for the benefits of group riding.  Hopefully we can do it again next week.

Riders included: 

Bryan Sharp Frank Turek Kim Dreher Sara Harper
Chuck Seitz Greg Priddy Mark Thomas Steve Doutt
Don Aldridge Jim Boland Mike Hritz Tom Driscoll
Ellen Alaimo John Clay Mike Roach Tony Kascak
Eric Overton      

 February century riders included:

Bryan Sharp (first ever century!) John Clay
Chuck Seitz Mark Thomas
Eric Overton Tom Driscoll
Greg Priddy



  Max. Mile 

  101 miles


  29-49 degrees (with

  winds at 13-25 mph)

  Close Calls


  Mechanical Failures






 Newcomers included:  Frank Turek, Sara Harper, Chuck Seitz, and Don Aldridge


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