On Saturday we had 16 riders to start, including 2 new riders with 7 riders to complete a February century.

This was a good day, overall, in that roads were dry.  As of Friday it looked like the roads were going to be soaked but they were all dry with the exceptions of a few wet sections later during the day.


The forecast didn’t too promising so no one showed up with the exception of Mark Thomas.  I can’t even say that I showed up because I was in street clothes.  We figured that it was either going to be a short ride or no ride at all because there were snowflakes falling and the temperature was at 28 degrees.  Mark came inside to talk for a while, which made me suspicious.  It turns that he had an ulterior motive.  As he was leaving he pleaded with me to give him credit for riding since he did show up.  I offered him credit for 100.0 miles and counter offered for 110 miles.  As much as I hated doing that, I agreed.  It rubs me the wrong way to see a guy get credit for 110 miles without getting cold or without breaking a sweat.  The fact that I got 0.0 miles for the day just makes me see red.

Weather Conditions

The start temperature was 32 degrees and the thermometer would only rise by 1 degree for the day!  It was one of those days where it felt colder at the end of the ride than it was at the start.  There was some cross winds that made the wind chill factor evident but overall it was a very good day with relatively little suffering due to the weather conditions.  Well I suffered greatly due to lack of training and found out on Sunday that I was riding with a slow leak on the front.  I’ll stick by that as my excuse for not being able to stay with the pace. Thanks to all who drafted for those of us who were suffering.

 Riders included:   

Bryan Sharp Jeremy Paul Kim Dreher Susan Gould
Colin Keane Jerry Golinski Mark Thomas Steve Glowacki
Ellen Alaimo Jim Boland Mike Roach Tom Driscoll
Eric Overton Joe Ochmanski Steve Doutt Tony Kascak


February century riders included:

Colin Keane (on a cyclocross bike with knobbies) Steve Glowacki
Eric Overton Tom Driscoll
Mark Thomas Tony Kascak
Mike Roach  




Max. Mileage:

 103 miles


 32-33 degrees (with winds at  9-18 mph)

Close Calls:


Mechanical Failures:







Newcomers included:  Jeremy Paul and Steve Glowacki

 Mechanical Failures: Bryan S. had a mechanical failure (unknown at this time) and Kim had a wardrobe malfunction.   Not like the one that Janet Jackson had at the Super Bowl but… 😉

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