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So far, this season we have 52 riders to participate in our rides with 17 new riders.  That’s a record number of new riders in the history of this series.  We should exceed the record number of total riders (62) set in 2012.  Thanks for your participation.


This was probably the warmest Saturday that we’ve had so far.  Some riders started in shorts while others started in leg warmers and no jackets or vests were needed.  It was a relief not to have to haul extra clothing around.  We had 24 riders to show up and 23 to ride.  One rider (Sabastian) started from Canton at 6:30 am to meet us on the route.  It was a very good day overall but the course was challenging, especially for the handful that completed the entire distance of 119 miles.  There was an error in the cue sheet that caused some delays as well.   We also saw Tom Driscoll on the road with a group of riders who tried to meet up with us in Kent.  Overall, it was a very good day.


No one showed due to light rain. 

Sunday’s Riders included: 

Chuck Seitz Frank Riha Mike Hritz
Dan Maddock Jerry Golinski Mike Roach
Dave Mitzel Joe Ochmanski Russ Marx
Dave Schneider John Clay Sabastian Birch
Don Aldridge Kim Dreher Sid McMahon
Doreen Papajcik Mark Papajcik Susan Gould
Ellen Alaimo Mark Scheeff Tina Maddock
Eric Overton Mark Thomas  




  Max. Mileage:

  93-120 miles


  55-69 degrees (with winds at  6-16 mph)

  Close Calls:

  1 (near rear end collision between two bikes)

  Mechanical Failures:

  1 (Doreen had flat tire)





 Newcomer(s) included:  Doreen Papajcik


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