Last year we reached a record number of riders (64) to participate in our series for a given season.  This spring the weather has been a little tough due to wet/bad road conditions but we have 57 riders to participate so far.  The interesting thing is that we have 22 newcomers!  That’s well above the average number of newcomers (~5) we’d normally get.  Please welcome new faces by introducing  yourselves and make them feel welcomed.  Even though we are a very friendly and fun (and crazy) group  we sometimes forget to roll out the welcome mats  for new riders.

A footnote regarding this year’s weather.

Last year and in some of the previous years we suffered greatly, going up against Mother Nature and her elements.  This year was different in that we were not able to get out and suffer as much because of the snow and ice.  Even though those previous years “built character”, I welcome the break and the opportunity to look at the snow from the couch instead of getting caught in it while out on the road.

“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 Hour challenge.”  —John H. Clay

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