Finally, we were able to start the Long Distance Pre-Season Prep Ride Series!  It was a very good start.  We had 17 riders (including 2 new riders) at the start with one rider to meet us out on the route.  Several riders who rode to the start recorded up to 14 additional miles.  We had riders come from as far as Freemont, Mentor, and Akron.  One rider (Marie Rote) was on a fixed gear.    Everyone seemed really happy to be outside once again and since I hadn’t turned a pedal (indoors or out) in 8 months, I was very happy to be on the bike again. 

Along the route there were several patches of ice.  There was one road that had a very large section of ice but we managed to get through it without mishaps.  There were some roads that had a large amount of salt.  Good, in that it kept ice off the road.  Bad, in that the salt and gravel can cause flats.  Of course, there were plenty of potholes.  I think this is going to be the year of the pothole.

 Weather Conditions

The temperature was very nice for the first ride.  Normally we would have been battling cold temperatures but it seemed to be the warmest start we’ve experienced.  It was surprisingly very sunny as well which added some pleasure to the ride.  The wind didn’t help much going out.  It was pretty windy but it was much better than training indoors or sitting on the couch.

Riders included: 

Andy Provenza

Jim Boland

Mike Hritz

Bryan Reyes

Joe Ochmanski

Paul Schneider

Dave Anthony

Marie Rote

Randy Hamilton

Ellen Alaimo

Mark Scheeff

Susan Gould

Eric Overton

Mark Thomas

Tom Driscoll

Jeremy Paul

Mike Gessner

Tony Kascak

Newcomers included:  Mike Gessner and Paul Schneider



 Max. Miles

 68 miles


 40-44 degrees (with winds at 26-32 mph with 43 mph gusts)

 Close Calls


 Mechanical Failures




 Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike



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