Some side affects of crosswinds and flat legs.  Mark T. taking an unofficial/unauthorized break at the roadside south of  Lodi.  It must have paid off because his performance improved after that.

We had 11 riders to start.  I thought we had counted 12 riders but I can’t recall who the 12th rider was.  I hope I didn’t overlook anyone.  Because of the shape of the route (mostly north-south) and the WNW winds, we experienced cross-winds most of the day.  That made for a tough day and at several points along the ride, some riders, including myself fluctuated through highs and lows due to the wind and the rolling terrain.  We heard a few whiners and some riders threatening to whine because the “flat” route wasn’t so flat.   Because of the cross winds and not being in top shape, it felt like we climbed for the last 50 miles.  Overall, it was a good day to be on the road.

There will be no ride scheduled on Saturday due to the Chili March Metric ride (Lakewood) http://www.lakeeriewheelers.org/cmm.html

There is a ride on the calendar for Sunday for those who need the extra miles.

Weather Conditions

All I can say is that it was chilly and windy all day.  We had about 5 minutes of sunlight which was very much appreciated.


Riders included: 

 Bryan Reyes

 Jim Boland

 Mark Thomas

 Chuck Seitz

 Joe Ochmanski

 Mike Hritz

 Eric Overton

 Marie Rote

 Tony Kascak

 James Grady

 Mark Scheeff


Newcomers:  0

Riders:  11

Max. Miles:  ~110 miles (with riders riding to the start)

Temperature:   34-38 degrees (with winds at 13-32 mph

                                with 44 mpg gusts)

Close Calls:  0

Mechanical Failure:  1 (Mark T. had a flat.  According to Mark,

                                           he had two flats.  His tire flatted and his legs

                                           went flat at one point)

Mishaps:  0

Fixed Gear, Single Speed,

   Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike:  0


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”     — John Clay


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