We had 8 riders to start.


Weather Conditions

It was very windy and the wind chill factor and humidity made it feel very cold!  It was even pretty cold standing at the start.


Riders included: 

Chad Marks

Joe Ochmanski

Chuck Seitz

Mark Scheeff

Jeff Kompa

Mike Hritz

Jim Boland

Tony Kascak

Newcomers includedChad Marks


Riders:  8

Max. Miles:  64 miles

Temperature:   38-43 degrees (with winds at 15-28 mph

                              with 37 mpg gusts)

Close Calls:  1 (A “Uhaul” trailer being pulled by a pickup truck made contact with Jeff.

                         Jeff maintained control and was not injured)

Mechanical Failure:  0

Mishaps:  0

Fixed Gear, Single Speed,

   Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike:  1 (Jeff was on a cyclocross bike)


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”     — John Clay


About Eric Overton

Long Distance Cyclist in the Cleveland area

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