It was one of the nicest Saturday’s, weather-wise, to date but there were some clouds lurking in the background at start time but it never did rain.  The riders cut the ride short at Creston  because the skies were getting darker and darker and the temperature started to drop.  Overall, a very good day with a very good pace.


  Riders included:       

Dan Maddock

Mark Scheeff

Joe Ochmanski

Mark Thomas

John Lissfelt

Mary Lissfelt

Newcomers included:  2


Riders:  6

Max. Miles:   75 miles

Temperature:    62-70 degrees (with winds at 7-14 mph

                                 with 19 mph gusts)

Close Calls:  0

Mechanical Failure:  0

Mishaps:  0

Fixed Gear, Single Speed,

   Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, or Tandem:  0


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”    

— John Clay


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Long Distance Cyclist in the Cleveland area

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