At 8:30 the weather was looking just ok even though it was cool and cloudy.  By 9:00 it had started to rain.  As a matter of fact it was still below 50 degrees and at that temperature you wouldn’t want to get wet.  A few minutes after 9:00 I saw one rider showing up.  It was Mike!  He didn’t seemed to be bothered by the rain and was planning to get in a 50+ mile ride.  Since he was a trooper I thought I’d give him some credit.   Normally he would get 0.0 miles for not touching the driveway on his return but since he braved the uncomfortable weather, solo, I’ll give him credit for 2 miles.  😉

Riders included:  Mike Hritz

Newcomers included:  0


Riders:  1

Max. Miles:   50+ miles

Temperature:    45-50 degrees (with winds at 6-17 mph

                                 with 19 mph gusts)

Close Calls:  0

Mechanical Failure:  0

Mishaps:  0

Fixed Gear, Single Speed,

   Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, or Tandem:  0


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”    

— John Clay


About Eric Overton

Long Distance Cyclist in the Cleveland area

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