Hi All,

I want to thank all of you who supported the rides this year and for welcoming new riders to our group. This has been a tough year due to the weather but many of you were still able to get in good shape in spite of the limited number of outdoor training days available.

In past years we had to endure much harsher conditions on the road because we were able to be out there due to better road conditions. In 2013 we broke a lot of records like earliest start (Jan.), most rides for the season (26), largest number of riders in a day (32), largest number of new riders (~6), and largest number on the rider list (62).

I’ll have to look at the 2014 stats but there are few interesting numbers. We broke a record in the number of riders on the distribution list (81) and the largest number of new riders (12). This is not an interesting stat but to date the website has 466 subscribers which proves that there is still a growing interest in this aspect of cycling.

The purpose of this group is to prepare riders for the various events that they participate in each year by allowing them to prep/train with a group in conditions that would be very difficult to do solo. Since the N24CH is upon us, we will be saying farewell to the 2014 Prep Series. For those who still want to log long miles, Mark Thomas will be continuing to lead a group out of Bonnie Park on Saturday’s. I think the start times will be at 8am. There are also some very nice club rides on Sundays and a very spirited Lake Erie Wheelers ride on Wed. evenings at 6:30. Many of our LDCC riders participate in the Wed. night rides. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your training and to enjoy the summer rides and tours.

Thanks for your support.


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