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These pics were taken while we were fixing a flat outside of New London.  Notice that the Cannondale is in first place.  I think I overheard someone (no names) say that that was the only time the Cannondale was in front the entire day.

It was good to see that riders were showing up because we weren’t quite sure how the road conditions would be.  More details to come later.

Weather Conditions

When I went out to hand out the cue sheets my hands were already freezing but someone warned me not to mention that.  Once we got started it wasn’t too cold.  That being said, the quick rise in temperature that the weatherman predicted wasn’t apparent since the winds were blowing across snow-covered fields.   That made for a pretty cold morning overall.

Riders included:

Bryan Sharp Colin Keane Duane Kunze
Eric Overton
Jeff Chapman
Jim Boland
John Kagan

Mark Thomas
Tim Furey

January Century Riders included: Bryan Sharp, Colin Keane, Duane Kunze, Eric Overton, Jeff Chapman, John Kagan, and Mark Thomas.

 Newcomers included:  Tim Furey

Riders  9  
Max. Miles  101 miles  
Temperature  23-43 degrees (with winds at 14-22 mph with 32 mph gusts)  
Close Calls  0  
Mechanical Failures  1.  Duane had a flat tire leaving New London.  At one point there were about 10 hands on the repair job.  But as soon as we took off the tire was flat again.  Somehow, in all the commotion the old tube and the new tube got switched and was put back on.  After some laughs and a quick switch, we were back on the road again. 2.  Bryan Sharp suffered a broken spoke.
Mishaps  0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike  John Kagan was on his new cyclocross.

“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”            –John Clay

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