I was surprised to see so many riders show up.  Early on, Duane informed me that there were 3 riders outside so I assumed that we would only have 4-5 riders total.  We weren’t sure what the road conditions would look like but fortunately we got reports from several riders who rode to the start.  Chris Karpowicz, Mike Hritz, and Raffee Johns rode to the start from Broadview Hts., N. Royalton, and Lakewood.  Chris broke off from the group in Oberlin because he was worried about being an overachiever.  He didn’t want to end up with 127 miles so he matched the max miles of 101.

Weather Conditions

Before the start it felt really cold.  Not as cold as the previous week but very damp and chilly.   The winds were calmer and we never did see the hour or two sunshine that was predicted.  It was another one of those days that no matter what the thermometer read, it was hard to ignore the winds blowing off of the snow-covered fields.  It felt like we were in a freezer the entire day.  The second group returned with light freezing rain for the last several miles.  Overall, it was a great achievement to get another January century.

Riders included:

Andy Provenza Duane Kunze Mike Hritz 
Bryan Sharp Eric Overton Raffee Johns
Chris Karpowicz Jeff Chapman Tony Kascak
Chuck Seitz John Kagan  

January Century Riders included: Andy Provenza, Chris Karpowicz, Chuck Seitz, Duane Kunze, Eric Overton, Jeff Chapman, John Kagan, and Tony Kascak

 Newcomers included:  0

Riders  11  
Max. Miles  101 miles  
Temperature  26-32 degrees (with winds at 10-17 mph with 22 mph gusts)  
Close Calls  0  
Mechanical Failures  Jeff Chapman had a slow leak and need to change his tube.
Mishaps  0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike  Chris Karpowicz and John Kagan were on cyclocross bikes.


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”            –John Clay


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