Wednesday’s “Skipped School” Ride

6 riders to start. Several of us decided to call in “sick” to make up for not being able to ride for the entire month of February. It was exciting to be back on the road again.

Mishaps and Mechanicals

I’ll start with the mishap first. At a stop light, we were trying to maneuver into a center lane so that we could continue straight and Mark Scheeff overlapped a wheel and toppled over. He suffered minor injuries to his leg and damage to his tights.

Hours before that happened, on our way to Kent, Chad suffered a major mechanical failure. His chain jumped and got sucked in between the cassette and the spokes. He then skidded x-number of feet, which was followed by loud crunching noises. His derailleur was broken off the frame and stuck in his spokes! His newly purchased wheel suffered a broken spoke. His brand new tire was destroyed. The drop-out on the wheel stay was broken. It looks like a total loss to the frame. He announced the incident on Facebook and within minutes he had several ride options. The power of social media! He went over to the Little Tikes Corp. to wait for his ride. What a freak occurrence. We were all sad to see something like that happen but was glad that no one was hurt.


Weather Conditions

Once we got started we sensed that even though the temperatures were predicted to be higher than normal, it felt the same as all the other cold days (with the dampness and fog). When we went through the valleys (like Hinckley and the Cuyahoga National Park) we ran into heavy fog and cold temperatures. The visibility was poor at first and luckily we had very light traffic.   Because of the hilliness of the course I was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not, so early in the season. Once we got warmed up and got through a few tough climbs, we all were ready to face the long climb out of the valley. The sunshine made a big difference on the ride.

Riders included:

Chad Marks
Eric Overton
Jeff Chapman
Joe Ochmanski
Mark Scheeff
Mark Thomas


 Newcomers included:  0


Riders 6 riders  
Max. Miles 100.1 miles  
Temperature 35-41 deg.  
Close Calls 0  
Mechanical Failures Chad broke his rear derailler  
Mishaps Mark S. fell  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0  


—  “99.9 miles is not a century!”

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Long Distance Cyclist in the Cleveland area

3 responses

  1. hungrymark says:

    Who rode 99.9 mi? lol. We walked our bikes at 2mi an hour for a quarter mile! Computer stops under 3mi an hour. The bike was moving , so yeah 99.8 plus 1/4 mi= what? Century plus!!! Yeah!!


    • Eric Overton says:


      That was just a something i once heard Danny Chew say while we were riding Columbus Fall Challenge. 99.8+ 1/4 miles = 100.05 miles 🙂


    • Eric Overton says:


      Thanks for reminding me that three of us had to walk our bikes over an ice covered path took it around the river ford. The other three riders rode right through the water at the ford