Squire's Castle (Willoughby Hills)

Squire’s Castle (Willoughby Hills)

There were 8 riders to start.   I thought that there would be more because it was so sunny.  Once we got on the road I quickly realized why people stayed home.  I wished that I was one of them.

It was so hard to get motivated.  It seems as though no one was motivated, for that matter.  Riders had either ridden in the brutal cold, in the Chili March Metric, the day before, some had partied too much the night before, and some of us, who were working the event, had spent 3 or more hours standing around in the brutal cold.  I thought I heard someone say that it was 13 degrees at the start.  At the end of it all I felt like I’d ridden 100 plus miles.  All of us seemed to be unmotivated because of the cold and wind.  I’m not complaining 😉 but that day seemed as cold as all the others.  It was depressing that we’ve suffered in the weather for over 10 weeks and still yet another ride of suffering in the cold and wind was ahead of us.

On the first climb I felt worse than I’ve ever felt on the bike (in shape or out of shape).    My body was still asleep and was probably dehydrated.  I heard others talking about how unusually tough it was as well.  It took me more than 3 hours before I felt like being on the road.  It was very windy.  We knew it was winding but didn’t realize how windy it really was until we started to return because most of the course was protected by trees.  At one point we were on a long grind into and we were met by a big gust of wind that felt like it was going to push us back down the hill.  There were other points going downhill where we’d normally be going 30 mph but were only going about 20.  It would have been worse if we were pushing a normal pace but we were all taking it easier than normal.  We were grateful for the all of 5 minutes of tailwind we had.

Along the route we went through several construction zones.  That was the third ride this year where we had to walk our bikes or had to take detours.

We were all concerned about coming up with less than 100 miles and I told someone that this 99 miles certainly felt like 100!

When it was over we were glad we got a chance to get out on the road.  Spring weather will be here soon.  Will it?

Riders included:

Chris Karpowicz Jeff Chapman
Bryan Sharp Marie Rote
Duane Kunze Mark Scheeff
Eric Overton Mark Thomas

Newcomer(s) included: 0

Riders   8  
Max. Miles  101 miles  
Temperature  28-44 deg. with winds at 9-25 mph with gusts of  34 mph  
Close Calls  0  
Mechanical Failures  Jeff Chapman had some shifter cable problems  
Mishaps  0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike  Chris K. was on a single speed cyclocross.  

  “The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge.”            –John Clay


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