There were 14 riders at the start with some riders riding from home. It was a hard day to dress for. We had to layer up in the morning but by afternoon we were sweating. The full sun helped to make the day a good one.

For the 5th or 6th time this year we had to walk our bikes, either because of construction, or closed or flooded roads. There was a closed bridge near Burbank and we had to pass our bikes through the barricade to get through it.

After leaving Wooster we decided to take a detour through Cedar Creek. After we finished climbing up to the high point, a dog decided he didn’t like us passing through his territory. He came out into the road and ran alongside of us but we could tell that he wasn’t going for blood. Mark just rode nonchalantly until he gave up the chase. He then just sat in the road staring at us.  He didn’t notice, right away, that there were other riders bringing up the rear and they escape the full impact of his chase.

Because we started off course immediately (in the morning) and consequently cut the route short by several miles and had to ride nearly 3 miles to get to 100 miles.  That was the hardest part of the day.   As we were coasting through the neighborhood one of the neighbor’s puppies (looked full grown) decided to come into the roadway to see what we were doing.  No real hazard though.  I just needed some content for this report.

Riders included:

Brad Thwing Jerry Golinski Mike Hritz
Chuck Knerem Joe Ochmanski Paul Schneider
Chuck Seitz Mark Scheeff Sid McMahon
Ellen Alaimo Mark Thomas Susan Gould
Eric Overton Matt Miller  

Newcomers included:  Matt Miller

Riders 14
Max. Miles 101-108 miles
Temperature 41-58 deg. with winds at 9-23 mph with 27 mph gusts.
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 1.    Joe O. hit something in the road and blew his sidewall out.   We didn’t realize that he had a major mechanical. He ended up rejoining us in Lafayette.

2.    Jerry had a problem with his bottom bracket and had to return home.

Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0



There were 6 riders at the start with several riders who rode from home. We had full sun and it was a little windy with the winds blowing out of the south.

After about 10 miles on the road I noticed that our riders who were up ahead were on the opposite side of the road. I asked, “Why does it look like there are riders on the left side of the road?” Indeed they were. It turns out, they were trying to wrangle a horse who was on the roadside.  As the riders passed the horse started to pace alongside. They got the horse to stop and reverse directions and then got him to slow down near the stables where we thought it had come from. Luckily one of the neighbors brought another horse to the scene to coax the horse back to the stables. I was happy to have had interesting content for this report but regret not getting photos of it all. By the way, Jeff did a good job of getting the horse to safety but if he was real pro-like rider he would have jumped on the horse and rode it back to the stables. Just saying.

Later in the ride, near Burbank (or someplace) we caught up to a group of 7 riders who were waiting for a train to pass.  It was the Stark County Bike club.  We ended up riding with them for several miles as we grinded uphill and into the wind. It turned out that one of the riders was a previous coworker of James. The group ended up coming to a closed bridge where we had to hand each other’s bikes through the barricade to pass through.

One the return home we had a tailwind, which, helped us to get over the rollers with ease. If not for the tailwind we would have been limping home because the winds coming from the south as we headed out and uphill to Wooster forced us earn really our money. The full sun helped to make the day a good one.

Riders included:

Eric Overton Joe Ochmanski
James Grady Manny Grosso
Jeff Kompa Ted Hoerig

Newcomers included:  Ted Hoerig

Riders  6
Max. Miles 100 miles
Temperature 52-65 deg. with winds at 6-12 mph with 16 gusts (South)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps A rider toppled over and suffered very minor injuries. He was coming to a stop to wait for another rider. Apparently when he turned around his wheel went into a big pothole at the wrong angle. Luckily he was going very slowly and road surface was smooth.
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0

“Less than a month before Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge.  The weather will be great.”


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