There were 17 riders to start and we met 2 additional riders on the road. That gave us the biggest turnout of the season. That was also the best weather we’ve had in this series so far and may have been the warmest day of the year, period. It was the first time that many of us had worn shorts and/or short sleeves this season. There was no wind at the start and once we got on the open roads we were cruising in the mid 20’s without much effort. It was a lot of fun (for once) :-).

We ran into Dan and Tina in Wellington and they showed us an alternate, quieter route out of town. They also showed us an alternate route to the lunch stop. The roads were really nice and free of traffic. On this segment of the ride we started noticing that the winds were really picking up. They were coming from an odd direction and would be also changing directions throughout the day.   This meant that we were going to be in for a long day. We were not only on a ride that was longer than usual (up to 120 miles) but would be facing strong winds for the last two-thirds of the ride. Although the winds were NNW we were happy that they weren’t chilly winds.

I needed some content to pad this report so I’m reporting on the following close calls. Two bikes fell while we were at the rest stops. The wind blew Dan’s bike over and his mirror got broken but there was no other damage. Tony’s new Specialized Roubaix fell over but Mark’s Fuji broke the fall and neither bike suffered any damage. We’re not sure how that one happened because we were all standing there.

Because we took a few short cuts, the route ended up being less than the planned 120 miles. Since Joe O. rode from home, he ended up with 127 miles. On several occasions we’d returned with less than 100 miles and had the miserable task of riding around the block a few times to get the extra mile or two. Mark S. came up with a bright idea that no one liked. He suggested that we could ride around the block to get to 120 miles. No one bought into it.

Overall, it was a very good day.

Riders included:

Chuck Seitz Eric Overton Mark Scheeff Sid McMahon
Dan Maddock Jerry Golinski Mark Thomas Susan Gould
Dave Anthony Jim Boland Mike Hritz Tina Maddock
Dave Frye Joe Ochmanski Paul Schneider Tony Kascak
Ellen Alaimo Keith Hoy Russ Marx  

Newcomers included:  Keith Hoy

Riders 19
Max. Miles 116-127 miles
Temperature 60-72 deg. with winds at 0-18 mph with 23 mph gusts. (NNW)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0



Made it a recovery ride to Grafton via of Valley City.  Had winds on the return.  A good day overall.

Riders included:

Colin Keane Tony Kascak

Newcomers included:  0

Riders  2
Max. Miles 55 miles
Temperature 56-74 deg. with winds at 10-2525 mph with gusts (ENE)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0

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