Only 12 Hours to go!

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  1. Daniel Chew says:

    How many miles did you ride at Calvin’s this year Eric? How many years have you missed since we rode our first one together many years ago?





    • Eric Overton says:


      I got 219 miles. It gave me a 2nd place in my age group. I’m not sure how that happened since it was such a calm day. The winds were at 5-12 mph. One of the calmest I’ve seen. It was in the top 3 calmest years since 2000. To answer your other question. That was my 14th out of 15 years. I missed last year.

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      • Eric Overton says:

        Correction. As I suspected, I didn’t get a second place in my age group. I thought it was a little odd. 219 miles is a 4th place. I’ll have to return the medal.