The Long Distance Cycling Cleveland long distance ride series is getting close to the end for this season.  We typically go from February to June but this year we started in December.  This was looking like a record breaking year but we were shut in during the entire month of February!  Even so, we are now working on our 26th ride which is quite an accomplishment.  There are many riders who have been with us for many years who have not yet joined us but so far we have had 55 riders to participate.  It is quite a ways from our record turnout but I’m hopeful that we will break that record and will also break the record for the largest turnout.  One record that we did break (by a long shot) is the number of new riders.  We have had 16 new riders this year (about 3 times the normal).  A handful of us are getting ready for the National 24 Hour Challenge later this month so we are hoping to get a few more fun long distance rides before then.  I want to be the first to say how much I appreciate you all coming out and making being out on the road big fun while we try to get in shape and I hope that you have had a good experience with us.   By the way, several of us will continue to ride on Saturdays which makes for good opportunities to achieve double century weekends.  I’m also looking to go to destinations that we didn’t get to because of losing a month of riding.

I would like for everyone to support their local club rides.  The Lake Erie Wheelers, for one, has rides on Tue., Wed., Thurs., and Sundays.

Our next ride announcement will be posted on Tuesday morning.

Happy riding!


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