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What a ride!  There were 10 riders at the start including Sebastian, who rode 53 miles to get there.  At 10 minutes before ride time Jeff K. was the only person there so I thought it was going to be one of those days where riders wouldn’t show because of a threat of rain.  Surprisingly, all of a sudden there were 8 more riders.

There were plenty of clouds in the skies but there was no prediction for rain.  After about an hour into the ride the cloudy skies turned sunny and it was looking like a very nice day with mild temperatures all day.  The only problem was the wind and its direction. It was coming out of the NNE so that meant there was going to be pretty much no tail wind for the entire day.  We had to earn every mile but surprising we kept a pretty good pace.

The ride was not without peculiarities.  The first that happened was running into a closed road.  It was tricky getting through the construction zone but we figured it out without getting too muddy.  Bob detoured to the left and his crossing was a little more technical.  He lost his cleat cover twice on the crossing.  They must have been expecting us because there was a porta potty there.   The road block added some fun and adventure to the ride.

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The next exciting thing was the Elk ranch. We knew we’d pass by it but it was exciting to stop again another good look.  For our amusement, they let us have a good look at several new additions to the herd that we weren’t able to see a few weeks prior.

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The third interesting thing was after leaving the area where the ranch was we noticed that the road was getting unusually rough and narrow and we started to see 4 foot wide sections of pavement missing.   We then ran into a mile of this:


Yep!  That’s gravel.  After the gravel section we ran into a section of chip and seal which was melting in sections and you could feel a major increase in the rolling resistance.  I believe that all of us were checking to see if we had flats.  It felt like someone was holding onto the bike.  I’m glad we didn’t have much of that to deal with.

The 25 miles from Wellington to Ashland was remarkable.  Nice quiet roads and good scenery.  We all commented on how nice it was.  It seemed like it was all downhill as well.  I think were benefiting from some tailwinds for the only time during the day.  It was so nice I would like to do that route again.

The best part of the ride was:


Overall, it was a very nice day!

By the way, this series officially ends at the end of the month.  However, when we’re planning a long ride I will post the notice to the site.

Riders included:

Bob Anthony Mark Scheeff
Dan Anthony Mark Thomas
Eric Overton Mary Anthony
Jeff Kompa Sebastian Birch
Joe Ochmanski Tim New

Newcomers included:  0

Riders 10
Max. Miles 100, 121, and 173 miles
Temperature 61-67 deg. with winds at 12-22 mph with 27 mph gusts. (NNE)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures Joe O. broke a spoke at mile 90. 

Bob lost his cleat cover twice crossing a construction zone. (Sorry, I needed to add this incident because I needed more content for the report).

Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0

The National 24 Hour Challenge is upon us. Sat. June 20th.


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  1. markt56Mark says:

    Great pics!
    This has to be our best ride this season. Nothing epic, just enjoyable. Nice weather, good roads, and a great group of riders.

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