There were 10 riders at the start including Jeff Kompa who was headed to another ride and we would actually see him on the road later.   We met John Lissfelt on the route.

When we reached Oberlin we saw a group of riders including Jeff Kompa, Colin Keane, Michelle Mead, Rob Thompson, and a few others. I know I’m missing someone but I could hardly pay attention since the Slow Train Cafe was closed and I hadn’t had my morning cup of coffee.   There were a handful of other riders that I didn’t know but it was nice running into the group.  They offered some of our riders, who were returning home, to tag along.   That was the highlight of the day and I’m glad to have it to report on because I needed some content for this report.

All in all, it was a very good day and it was strange to not have a wind-chill factor. The route reminded us all of some of the brutal days out on the road in Jan-Feb in previous years.



It was a really good day although at 8am it was raining and that probably scared a few riders away (including myself). I was preparing to bail out but looking at the weather forecast, it looked like it might be one of those days where the rain would clear out while we were getting dressed.   I thought I’d better get dressed and pretend that I wanted to ride.  Otherwise when the skies cleared I would have regretted not rolling out.  We only got a few minutes of sunshine but the skies got brighter in the west after we got started.   The nicest part of the morning was, it was January and we were not cold and it wasn’t very windy.  I tolerated the winds that WERE there since there was no wind-chill factor.


Riders included:

Bryan Sharp John Lissfelt
Dave Frye Mark Thomas
Duane Kunze Sid McMahon
Eric Overton Steve Glowacki
Jeff Chapman Tim Furey
Jim Boland  


January Century Riders included: 

Duane Kunze
Eric Overton
Jeff Chapman
Mark Thomas
Steve Glowacki



Newcomers included: 0

Riders 11  
Max. Miles 100.4 miles  
Temperature 45-52 degrees (with winds at ~10-15 mph with >20 mph gusts) (SSW)  
Close Calls 0  
Mechanical Failures 0  
Mishaps 0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0  


The ride schedule and riders log have both been updated.

“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge”   –John Clay


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