Be very suspicious my friends.  Be very suspicious.   


motorWe were wondering why a guy (Matt Henely) would skip lunch at the Franklin Square Deli, after all of that climbing we did to get there.  We followed our suspicions and went down to the bike shop to investigate.  You would be shocked when you learn what one of our chief investigators, Jerry Golinski found.  Apparently, Matt made a recent upgrade to his bike.  When he placed his bike in the bike rack, the force of the motor caused his bike to slam into the rack, knocking over a tandem that was leaning against the other side of the rack.  Initially, denied that he was the owner of the bike.  When we pressed him, he admitted that he had doubts about finishing his very first double century weekend so he opted for an easy out.  He has since placed himself on probation. 

At least he didn’t go so low as to go on a secret training camp in a warm climate.  

Good work Jerry!

Apparently, I have to add one of these to the story.   😉



3 responses

  1. Eric Overton says:

    Jerry, Keep your eyes on Jeff Kompa. I’m thinking that his mechanical failure on Sunday could have been faked to cover up something.


  2. Eric Overton says:

    Apparently, I have to add one of these to the story. 😉


  3. Jerry Golinski says:

    When he passed the Corvette going up Bath Road Hill, that tipped me off!

    Most wouldn’t stoop so low for a LD training ride!!!