Taking a well needed break from the rollers and hills at Brandywine Falls. Leaving the falls was the most technical part of the course that day.











This is turning out to be a good season for training. This is the first week of the in-season and we have 9 new riders already, with 40 riders to participate.  El Nino is allowing us to get in good shape this year.  We deserve it after the weather of Feb. 2015.



We had 11 riders total with several riding to the start. .  It was sunny and pretty windy.  The winds were present all day but we got a little relief during the last 10 miles or so.   Earlier in the day, the hills and rollers blocked some of the wind.  The course was hilly but pretty sheltered from the winds.  It was a fun course but who would have thought that Kent was as high as the Alps.  There was lots more  to write about, some true and some fabricated.  The story that I really wanted was when I tried to talk a rider or two into quitting and calling an Uber or a cab.  They weren’t interested in quitting  just so I could get good content for this report.


Riders included:

Apurv Verma Matt Henely
Bryan Reyes Mike Hritz
Bryan Sharp Nathan Carmon
Eric Connolly Sid McMahon
Eric Overton Tom Driscoll
Mark Thomas  

Newcomers included:  Nathan Carmon


February Century Riders:

Apurv Verma Mark Thomas
Bryan Reyes Matt Henely
Eric Connolly Sid McMahon
Eric Overton Tom Driscoll


Riders  11
Max. Miles  102-108 miles
Temperature 30-46 degrees (with winds at 12-25 mph with 35 mph  gusts) (SW)
Close Calls  0
Mechanical Failures  0
Mishaps  0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike  0




There were 8 riders. This day was sunny but VERY windy.  It was pretty warm for February and someone mentioned that it had to be the warmest February ride in many years.  There were a few instances where we were being blown around.  Especially on the declines.  Once I was blown left of center of the road.  On the route Jeff K. broke a spoke in Akron (Merriman Valley), going 0 mph and luckily the bike store was about 1000 feet away. Matt H. replaced a cable in Kent while we were at lunch.  Again, the bike shop was ¼ mile away from the lunch stop.



Kent Cycle Bike Shop














Bike inspector Jerry checking Matt Henely’s bike for a hidden motor.














Riders included:

Eric Overton Jerry Golinski
Matt Henely Joe Ochmanski
Dave Frye Mark Papajcik
Jeff Kompa Tim New


Newcomers included: 0


February Century Riders:

Joe Ochmanski Tim New


Riders 8
Max. Miles 101 miles
Temperature 45-64 degrees (with winds at 17-25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph) (SSW)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 1.    Jeff Kompa broke a spoke.

2.    Matt Nenely had to replace a shifter cable.

Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0


The ride schedule and riders log have both been updated.


“You never know what events are going to inspire you to get you home”  —Og Mandino


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