Squires Castle

Squires Castle

The preseason is over and the 2016 season as started.  A time where we set our sights on our spring and summer goals.

We had 12 riders. One rider (Apurv) had a flat tire in route to the start and we met another (Tom) who rode from Mentor, on the road.

At the start of the ride the temperature was chilly but didn’t seem like it would be a factor. However, the majority of the ride was in low-lying areas.  In the valleys, the temperatures were lower and it was very damp, which made it an uncomfortable day for riding.  You could really feel the cold clinging to your body.  As a matter of fact, it seem to get colder as the day went on.  You had many riders making comments on how cold it was getting along the way.  Once we got to Squire’s Castle, everyone seemed relieved to be there for a well needed break.  I was the only one to take advantage of the fireplace to warm the hands.  Ok.  There was no fire in the fireplace but there was some psychological benefits.

Because of not being able to get warmed up and the hilly terrain made it a challenging day but that’s why we were there. We came out for the challenge. Overall, it was good training.


Riders included:

Apurv Verma Joe Ochmanski
Dave Marsi Marie Rote
Duane Kunze Mark Thomas
Ellen Alaimo Matt Henely
Eric Overton Tammy Murray
Jim Boland Tom Driscoll

Newcomers included: Dave Marsi


Riders 12
Max. Miles 101-111 miles
Temperature 32-38 degrees (with winds at 9 mph) (SW)
Close Calls 1.    A miscommunication at a stop sign caused a close call with a car. A cyclists almost turned left into a car at the stop light. The car was trying to be polite and safe.

2.   A fluff ball dog came out into the road with a lot of spunk and fight even though it was about 4 inches tall. 😉

Mechanical Failures Apurv had a flat tire on the way to the start.
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0


The ride schedule and riders log have both been updated.


“NO WHINING, no drugs, no cheating and no abusing the organizer” 


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