“No WHINING and No Abusing the Organizer!”


I thought I’d write a little reminder riders that these are two of our main rules for the group. I borrowed it back in 2001 from the Ohio Randonneurs’ quote:

— “No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer”

Since we started this group about 13 years or so ago, we’ve been living by those rules with tongue-in-cheek and at the same time, we really believe in “No Whining”. When we first started there weren’t many experienced in long distance (unsupported) and doing those distances so early in the season.   It is difficult enough to do this aspect of the sport and the last thing we need is whining that degrades the morale of riders who may already have doubts about what we are trying to do.   The group was formed to prepare us for long distance events such as Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge, TOSRV, The National 24 Hour Challenge, and other events throughout the season.  These challenges are enough to make any cyclist contemplate quitting.  In this group we try our best to encourage riders to continue with determination and build rider confidence that they can overcome whatever difficulties that lie ahead.  We try to help riders increase their mental toughness and suffer through their physical discomforts. We believe in suffering now so we can have fun later in the season.  If you are out there suffering, think about teaming together with another rider who may be suffering.  Work together to decrease the collective suffering.  If you are feeling great, that’s even better.  Think about going back and help your fellow rider who may not be feeling great.

With that being said, I want to finish by saying that I really appreciate this great group of riders. Without the group, we would not be rolling out (solo) to face some of the conditions that we have faced over the years.


If you have any whines or complaints, put them in writing and email them to the complaint department:


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