17th Long Distance Prep Ride Reports



We had 12 riders at the start with several who road to the start and we met John L. on the road.

From the outset, it looked like it was going to be one of those very cold and damp days where the cold just sticks to you. Since we didn’t go to the valleys, it wasn’t so bad.  We were expecting the winds to pick up later in the day and knew that they would be coming from an unusual direction.  That would mean winds in our faces for most of the ride back home.   As it was, we had nagging winds for the last 52 miles after lunch.  We did get some shelter from the winds with the rolling hills.  😉  The winds were also cold coming out of the NNE.  As a matter of fact, the second part of the day seemed cooler than in the morning (with the wind-chill factor).  The sun came out for about 20 seconds and was threatening to come out all day.  Lucky for us, the light cloud cover gave us false hope.  We were wishing for warmer days but we took what mother nature dished out and worked together as a group to get through it.  Looking at the bright side, the worst of the winter weather is behind us.  Yay!


Riders included:

Apurv Verma John Lissfelt
Bryan Reyes Marie Rote
Bryan Sharp Mark Thomas
Eric Overton Nathan Carmon
Jerry Golinski Tom Driscoll
Joe Ochmanski Tony Kascak

Newcomers included: 0


Riders 12
Max. Miles 112-125 miles
Temperature 31-38 degrees (with winds at 8-20 mph) (NNE)
Close Calls Well… Because I need content for the report, we have to write Tony up for almost falling in Subway. 😉
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0



Brian Sharp showed up and as he was leaving I notice heavy snowflakes starting to fall.  Even though he didn’t touch the driveway at the end we will give him credit for 14 miles.  😉


The ride schedule and riders log have both been updated.


— “No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer”


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