We brought back 8 medals!   Not easy to do since we all had thoughts of quitting the race.  We had cold rain for about 8 hours out of the 12.  It was also windy.  Not much tail wind to speak of.

Congrats to all who braved the miserable weather.


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  1. 8 miles per hour in the wind SUCKS :(, chamois butter ROCKS :). Do it again…. still thinking. Thanks to all in the group. Kudos to everyone’s performance.

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  2. Kathy J Armada says:

    Congrats!!! Super proud of all of you!

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  3. Windy? The wind was such that it was coming from all sides. It was spinning and pushing backwards from every direction! 🙂

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  4. Jeff C. says:

    Everyone rode amazing. Everyone that toughed it out through the whole ride has my utmost respect. The conditions, yesterday were nothing short of horrible but with a little motivation everyone rode great! Good job North East Ohio riders for showing the country what we have to offer in terms of riding abilities.

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  5. Jeff Kompa says:

    Congrats to each and everyone of you who competed. JK

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