>>>  Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge Report, Part 2 <<<

18470_219916101089_1118059_n>>>Sid’s Account<<<

>>> The race started out very fast.  I did the first few miles at around 24 mph and then realized that this was going to be too fast for 12 hours.  Ended up with a good group that went around 20 mph.  It was a group of around 10 riders and we all took 1 mile pulls.  The first lap of 50.5 miles was uneventful with very comfortable temperatures of high 40’s with just a little wind.  Midway through lap 2, it started raining and the wind picked up a bit.  It became almost impossible to draft as the spray from tires was getting in my eyes.  I ended up doing most of the second lap by myself and got very chilled.  I knew this was going to be a long day as I was totally soaked at end of lap 2, with the temperature at around 50.

As I ended lap 2, I made the decision to change clothes.  I pulled in and changed socks, put on booties, and a Gore Tex jacket and gloves.  I probably took 10 minutes at the pit stop but this action probably saved me.  Lap 3 was just brutal!  It rained hard for most of entire lap.  I just kept concentrating on making it to the rest stop at the 25 mile mark to get some pretzels.  The volunteers were fantastic.  They opened the bag of pretzels for me and filled my water bottle.  Then I just gutted it in.  I thought, maybe a hundred times, of stopping at end of lap 3 but waited to make the decision when I got there.

I seemed to get a second wind as I started on the 7 mile laps.  Something positive happened to me as I was able to see more people on the loop.  On the 50 mile loop, there were long stretches without seeing other riders.   On the shorter lap, I was passed by several riders who were just flying!  I also passed many who were suffering worse than I was.  I was somewhere in the middle.  It actually stopped raining for maybe two laps.  But as I was on lap 5, there were some very menacing clouds moving in.  The wind picked up and before long there was a torrential downpour that seemed liked the last straw for me.  I finished the fifth lap with around 15 minutes left.  I did not want to get caught in the rain, at the far end of the course.

I ended up with 188 miles and 4th place in my age bracket.  Not nearly the miles I was hoping for, but I was happy that I gutted this out.  In looking at the results, many people stopped after three laps.


Riders included:

Apurv Verma (First Calvin’s, Silver Medal) Sebastian Birch (Gold Medal)
Bob Anthony (Gold Medal) Sid McMahon
Eric Overton (Silver Medal) Susan Peterson
Jeff Chapman (Bronze Medal) Tammy Murray (First Calvin’s, Medal)
Laurie Skul (Bronze Medal) Tony Kascak
Mary Anthony (Gold Medal) Ward Peterson

Newcomer(s) included: 0


Riders 12
Max. Miles ___ miles
Temperature 42-56 degrees (with winds at 5-16 mph and gusts at 17 mph) (ESE)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures Laurie got several flats and had to replace her tubes AND tire.
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, or Tandem Bob and Mary were on a tandem












bob and marySAM_0004









— “The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge”   —John Clay



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