At the CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) we are looking for host families for the upcoming school year.  Host families are responsible for providing a bed; they may share a room with a same sex sibling within 4 years of age, and meals at home.  Students should be treated as family members and are expected to help with chores and such around the house.  The students have their own spending money and medical insurance.  We have students from over 55 countries. 

Let me introduce you to Alba from Spain who needs a home as soon as possible!!   Alba goes cycling with a group of about 12 riders every weekend.  She loves long-distance cycling.   Alba has a beautiful singing voice.  She loves animals and her dog is considered a family member in her household 🙂  

Joris is from Lithuania.  He loves cycling too.   His family is very musical and he plays several instruments.  He wants to be an engineer.  His mother writes children’s books 🙂 

Hosting is easy, saying good-bye is the hard part.   Start your application today at to be a part of this amazing experience and bring the world to your community!!  You can also serve as a welcome family for the first few weeks of the student’s arrival in August.

Thank you so much for your help!!

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