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The National 24-Hour Challenge will return in 2017

But, since no one lasts forever, Pete & Kathy Steve will retire following next year’s event.

They’ve done an incredible job over the last 10 years, and their shoes will be hard to fill.

But someone out there can do it. Could it be you?

About The Job…

  1. The pay – it’s a volunteer position.
  2. The hours – it’s typically a couple of hours a week in the Summer and fall; more in the winter and spring, and 72 straight hours over Father’s Day weekend.
  3. The complexity – Though the Steves and the Board have everything incredibly organized, it’s still daunting. (It’s March 23rd: Have we ordered enough port-a-johns for Checkpoint Two?)
  4. The unexpected – it’s the Friday of the event; “What do you mean, they’re digging up the water main in Delton?!)

What’s In It For You …

  1. There’s a great team in place – from the Board, to the volunteers, to the sponsors, to the facilities to the riders, there’s a solid structure set up for the event.
  2. It’s fun – working with everyone on the team to make the event happen is great – and monthly Board meetings are always a hoot!
  3. The reward of organizing an event that brings so much to so many is immeasurable.
  4. Kathy & Pete Steve will still be here in 2017 to guide you through your first event.

Seriously, if you’re interested in overseeing the National 24-Hour Challenge, please contact us Real Soon Now:

By phone at (616) 953-0234
By snail mail to PO Box 234, Caledonia, MI 49316
By email to National24Hour@gmail.com


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