Calvin's 12 Hour Challenge

According to the Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge Facebook page, a scaled down version of the race will not be possible and the event is still up for sale. 

One of the reasons why this group, Long Distance Cycling Cleveland, was formed (about 14 years ago) was to prepare for Calvin’s.  Over the years many of us in this group have participated in this race and have learned many new things about our determination as we tried to achieve our personal best distances.  I’ve, personally, have participated in 15 out of the past 16 years and it has taught me a lot about ultra-marathon cycling.  From the first year, thinking that it was impossible to ride a bike for 12 hours without sleeping and  vowing that once I got home that I was going to quit cycling altogether to participating in many of them with less than 10 minutes total time off the bike. 

I am going to miss this event.  Let’s hope that someone can come along and keep this event alive.

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