Sunday March 5th

Looking out the window, it looked like it was going to be a nice day to be out. Mark T. and I were set to go and were going to figure out our entire distance once we got out one the road.  It was going to be a cold one but high 20’s is not too bad right?  And, it was sunny.  My suspicion about the ride grew when no one else showed up.  As soon as we turned the corner from the start, my forehead started to ache from the cold and by the time we rode 2 blocks our hands were freezing.  We were dressed for 28 degrees but we didn’t account for the wind chill factor.  No wonder riders didn’t show up!

When we came up to a gas station, 7 miles out, I needed to take a quick break to thaw my hands. I was thinking that a few minutes to thaw and the temperature would rise a few degrees and we would be able to complete the ride.  Right away, I realized that I had some GI problems and we had to layover for about 20 more minutes.  With that going on, combined with the fact that we were going to have to turn right into the very cold headwind, we decided to head back home.  It was a cold one!

Riders included:


Mark Thomas
Eric Overton

Newcomers included: 0

Riders 2  
Max. Miles 15  
Temperature 28-32 deg. (with winds at 10-14 mph) (SE)  
Close Calls 0  
Mechanical Failures 0  
Mishaps 0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0  


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge”   –John Clay


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