The reality that there will be no Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge this year is starting to sink in.   Over the past 14 years, this group’s main purpose was to prepare for Calvin’s and the National 24 Hour Challenge.  Others have been benefiting from the ride series to simply get in early shape for a variety of reasons.  Some of us are still planning to participate in the National 24 Hour Challenge in June and others will still need to get in shape for races and tours, so we will still need to stay motivated.  In place of Calvin’s, I’m planning to schedule another type of challenge.  The proposed ride will combine several of our favorite routes and destinations and will cover a distance of up to 175 miles.  

In addition to this challenge, there are several tours between now and June that can be used as great opportunities for training and to enjoy some good miles.   Two such tours in May are TOSRV and the Horsey Hundred. 

This winter has been pretty mild in comparison to typical Ohio winters but rained or snowed out weekends have caused us to lose lots of opportunities to rack up mileage. To make up for lost time, rides will be scheduled for both Saturdays and Sundays, for those who will need the training or those who will attempt to try a few back to back century weekends. 

As you can see, it’s going to be a little more difficult to keep the same level of motivation that some of us have had, trying to prepare for Calvin’s.   We should motivate each other to adjust to this new “challenge”.


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    Long Distance Cycling Cleveland –

    Hello from the National 24-Hour Challenge!

    We are alive and well, gearing up for Father’s Day weekend, June 17-18, 2017.

    If you’re not already planning to join us, we’d love to have you with us.

    Check us out at

    – Pete Steve, Registrar – National 24-Hour Challenge

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