Illustration of Old School Jerry and Joe’s concept of components to keep track of mileage

16th Ride Report, Part 1.

On Saturday, there were 4 of us who continued on the long route.  There was Joe O., Jerry, Chuck, and myself.  We were having a great ride until major ideological differences arose in the group.  In one camp there’s myself, who is totally dependent on my Garmin GPS to tell me every single thing to do on the road and Chuck, who isn’t against high-tech cycling gadgets but he DOES NOT trust his GPS, for one reason or another, but uses it anyway.   THEN! … there’s Old School Jerry and Old School Joe O., who are self-proclaimed, “Hippy cyclists who ride off the land and take only what the roads give them.  Preferring to ride off the grid.”  I overheard them say, “We don’t need a GPS to tell us when we are climbing.  We simply notify each other by yelling out, “HILL!”   I know, I know, this is just out right ridiculous!  I tried, all day to convince them of the advantages of high-tech gadgets in cycling but they weren’t hearing it.

Old School Joe and Jerry skipped lunch to look at the route

None of us foresaw the following though.  When we reached 100+ miles, Old School Joe and Jerry were in shock to learn that the systems that they were using to keep track of their mileage exhibited some major flaws.  Their mileage rolled over at 100 miles!  As it turns out, they were using systems that were affected by Y2K!

When Old School Jerry and Joe’s mileage rolled over after 100 miles, they had to recalculate

If you see these guys, please share with them the pros of keeping up with the times.  Friends shouldn’t let friends ride old school.


Old School Jerry and Joe like rider, riding unsafe because he doesn’t trust GPS


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  2. Jerry GOLINSKI, organic cyclist says:

    Saturday’s route took us through beautiful, scenic country! But you won’t hear much about THAT from the Garmin guys who were busy studying their devices (while they ride!) gathering important data such as “Continue straight” and “You are climbing a steep hill” and “Your nose is running!”

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  3. Joe O says:

    Peace and Free Love. RIDE ON.

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